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The Swifty Podcast Ep #1 - How and Why Jason and Camilla Started an Adult Scooter Business

Welcome to The Swifty Podcast! Our inaugural episode is all about the company and its founders.

Get to know Jason and Camilla, how and why they set up Swifty and what makes them tick. We’ve got a good few years under our belt and a lot of knowledge to share about business and design.

Through an informal discussion about design, innovation and technology we hope that this podcast can inspire positive change within the community!

  • What is Swifty Scooters and its history? 1:00 
  • Why have we chosen to start our own company? 6:17 
  • The value of customer feedback 12:20 
  • Camilla’s background 17:10 
  • Do designers make good business leaders? 24:47 
  • The importance of the kick scooter 28:34
  • What we hope to achieve with The Swifty Podcast 33:25 


Learn more about some of the challenges of starting a new business in Episode #12 of The Swifty Podcast with Matt Bird of The Shirt Society

If there’s anything you want us to talk about in future podcasts, then leave a comment or drop us a message!

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