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The Swifty Podcast Ep #8 - Are Dockless Shared E-scooters the Future of Transportation?

This week Jason and Camilla discuss their experience using the scooter sharing platforms that are available in Frankfurt, while there for IAA. From the view of a premium big wheel adult scooter brand they look at the Lime e-scooters in terms of safety, business and environmental impact.

  • Our time with Frankfurter Laufshop when in Frankfurt 01:13 
  • Scooter sharing platforms explained 03:09 
  • Lime scooters analysed 07:47
  • How Swifty can fit into a scooter sharing economy 08:43 
  • The environmental benefit of sharing scooters vs the environmental impact of manufacturing them 11:03 
  • Safety concerns from riding the Lime scooters 15:22 
  • How Geo-fencing can help safety problems 19:36 
  • The UK can set the gold standard of Micromobility 24:49 
  • Docked vs dockless e-scooters comparison 30:09 

Find out more about Swifty’s time at IAA Frankfurt in Episode #7 of The Swifty Podcast

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