The Swifty Podcast #25 – Talking strength training, schemas and jiu-jitsu with Denis Potter

The Swifty Podcast #25 – Talking strength training, schemas and jiu-jitsu with Denis Potter

Denis Potter is a strength and conditioning coach with a wide-ranging understanding of health, fitness, performance and lifestyle, having gained a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a MSc in Strength and Conditioning.

He’s also a jiu-jitsu fan (which is apparent through his chat with Jason) as he talks about the numerous benefits of team-based training, as well as the many facets and science behind strength and conditioning.

You can follow Denis on Instagram (@denispotterpt) and learn more about what he does and book a session with him on his website.

00.00 – First, a quick word from Jason
00.22 – Intro
02.33 – Denis touches on the many different terms for strength training and the huge variety of exercise activities out there, and how they impact upon the body
22.57 – Talks turn to the different training methods for sports
24:08 – Jason comments on how complex strength and conditioning training can be, and his own types of training programmes
36:19 – Denis talks about his controlled study into strength and fatigue with jiu-jitsu fighters
51:44 – Jason talks about the impetus behind Swifty Fitness
56.21 - Denis discusses ‘schemas’, which are neurological knowledge structures, and how they relate to training and learning
01:04:27 – Denis talks about the benefits of doing jiu-jitsu and any skill challenges which stop your brain from deteriorating via engaging in a social aspects and coordination/cognitive learning
01:17:10 – Jason brings up tolerance and diet
01:20:05 – Denis touches upon the psychological resilience in training programmes

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