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1000 mile solo scoot with Russell Smith

1000 mile solo scoot with Russell Smith

British Adventurer and Swifty Ambassador Russell Smith, is about to embark on a long journey, an epic journey, THE most iconic challenge in the UK. The 1000 miler, from the most southwesterly tip of Cornwall to the most northeasterly point of Scotland. It’s a Lands End to John O’Groats #LEJOG solo scoot!

russell smith, adult kick scooter with big wheels, endurance scooter

Why? Has the fellow gone mad?

Do not be confused by his average Joe exterior, this man is a man on a mission. A mission to live life to the full, seeking new experiences, and living in a way that’s true to himself. Why spend a life working a 9-5, when deep down you know you have more to give? Russ has chosen his own path, he’s stopped dreaming and started moving! At the same time, Russ is encouraging and enabling others to do the same, check out his site
adult kick scooter 1000 mile solo scoot

Live With Purpose Adventures – wild camping

Russ got his hands on a Swifty last year, and being a massive advocate of human-powered transport, tried it out, and LOVED it! As we know it’s a perfect vehicle for navigating London, a scoot commute invigorates a spirit of adventure, a spirit that for the average worker, tends to become crushed by endless queuing, the congestion, and the rat race.

But 1000 miles? Is this really necessary?

adult scooter solo scoot 1000 miles, scooter with big wheels

It’s a good question, kick scooting is not usually a long distance mode of transport, it's usually suited to around 1-5 miles. But Russ has a natural affinity to endurance – the right mindset. This is not a race, its an adventure, and Russ has set his sights on a couple of new World Records. The Lands End to John O’Groats journey is not only the most iconic challenge in Britain, but it’s a rite of passage.

Some other LEJOG world records

First walk – 1871, John and Robert Naylor were the first to walk it

Most recent record – 2013 Sean Conway was the first person to swim it, and has since completed the “ultimate triathlon’ Swim, Run Bike LEJOG.

Fastest cycle – Andy Wilkinson cycled LEJOG in 41 hours on a recumbent tricycle.

Other non-motorised modes that have completed the route are skateboard, unicycle and wheelchair.

The Kick Scooter Kit

Russ will be riding a custom painted Lime Green and Black SwiftyZERO.

lime adult kick scooter with big wheels, endurance scooter

SwiftyZERO, Lime Green and Black

SwiftyZERO is our lightest and fastest scooter, weighing only 7.5kg (16lb) and has been fitted with high-pressure Schwalbe tyres. For more specifications visit our site here. Russ is likely to meet all kind of terrain and weather, so it’s not only a challenge for him but will really put this scooter to the test too! Russ is travelling solo, carrying all his kit in a backpack, and will wild camp along the way. Please follow and share his journey on facebook and twitter.

adult kick scooter 1000 mile solo scoot

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