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Beat The Tube Strike – 10 Reasons To Scoot Commute

Beat The Tube Strike – 10 Reasons To Scoot Commute

Beat The Tube Strike, adult kick scooter, scooter to commute in london

London is set for another tube strike. So, should I walk, cycle or queue for a bus? We’re doing the scoot-commute!

Ten reasons to scoot-commute on a kick scooter

1. Feel free – nothing can beat the feeling of silently gliding past the queues of disgruntled commuters, particularly when there’s a tube strike on.

2. Choose a new route, through a park, along a canal, take the back streets – shake up your daily routine, live a little!

3. Scooting is three times as fast a walking!

4. Scooting is safer than cycling, as you’re not confined to the roads – #goanywhere

5. Scooting a Swifty is awesome – Swifty is the most stylish scooter around – it’s a head turner!

6. Swifty is designed for adults and has 16inch pneumatic wheels. It’s as smooth as a bike to ride – this is not a rattly kids toy!

7. Scooting is great exercise. It’s up to you whether to go fast or slow, but the kick action is great for core, bum and thigh toning.

8. SwiftyONE is foldable – an innovative folding mechanism, allows you to fold, and take it indoors, onto public transport, or easily into a taxi after the pub. It is lightweight (7.8kg) and can be rolled on its front wheel when folded.

9. Swifty has the stature of a bike, but there is no oily chain to catch your clothes on. No lycra needed. No saddle soreness.

10. Swifty is alright for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan! (Dubbed the Sadiq-Scooter in the Metro, March 2017)

adult kick scooter for commuting, beat the tube strike, e-scooter, electric scooter

Swifty Scooters are available at four stockists in London, or via our website 

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