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A Kick Scooter for Taller and Heavier Adults: SwiftyONE TALL

There’s nothing like gliding along standing tall riding your kick-scooter. For those of us who are particularly tall or heavy, it can be a real challenge to find a scooter that is comfortable for our needs.

Swifty TALL

SwiftyONE Tall – rider height 195cm (6’5”) | max weight 150kg (330lb)

kick scooter for heavy person, kick scooter for tall person, scooter for people over 100kg

SwiftyONE TALL - the scooter for taller and heavier adults

Introducing SwiftyONE TALL, our foldable adult scooter that’s suitable for adults with a height of up to 6’5” (195cm), and tested to a max load of 150kg (330lb).

For those tall or heavy individuals, a foldable scooter with a folding mechanism that’s robust, and a riding position that lets you stand straight enough to be comfortable, is a must. We’re now offering a riser handlebar upgrade to fit a SwiftyONE MK3, making a SwiftyONE TALL.

Scooters for Tall Adults - Handlebar Height

With an adjustable handlebar height, you can customise your scooting stance to suit each rider. With a max height of 1155mm (44.5inches) and upright position, a rider of up to 195cm (6’5″) can stand tall, and ride comfortably.

As well as offering you this extra height, the SwiftyONE TALL is no bigger than the regular SwiftyONE when in its folded position, meaning it can be taken onto public transport, stored, or put in the boot of your can without any issues!

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SwiftyONE TALL is made up of SwiftyONE MK3 and a riser handlebar. We will put the scooter and handlebar together for you in our workshop, so it's ready to use upon arrival!

Scooters for Heavy Adults - Our Robust Folding Mechanism

With an intrinsically safe rear folding mechanism, (forces not bearing down on locking pin) the mechanism for SwiftyONE won’t fail under heavier loads.

This feature is unique to SwiftyONE – designed and engineered in the UK and is tested to 150kg BSEN: 14619:2015.

adult scooter for heavy and tall person, scooter for people over 100kg, tall kick scooter

A Kick Scooter Fit For Professional Athletes

Olympic Bobsledder Toby Olubi measures in a 6’5” (195cm) and uses a SwiftyONE TALL as one of his main modes of transport. Being an athlete it's important for him to look after his body and make sure he's travelling with the correct posture, to not cause any unnecessary damage.

Here's what Toby has to say about the SwiftyONE TALL -

' [The TALL] scooter allows me to get out of the sedentary seated position that often locks up my hips. It allows me to adopt the correct posture, engaging my core and work on my “pushing” muscles. As a bobsleigh athlete, my pushing muscles (namely my glutes, quads and calves) are essential to my event. Pushing a scooter works these muscles in a capacity that’s not too taxing but beneficial.'

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Learn more about Toby's experience with his SwiftyONE TALL HERE

Here's Wayne (6’4″) taking his very own SwiftyONE TALL for a spin

adult scooter for heavy and tall people, scooter for person over 100kg, scooter for big guys

Foldable adult Scooter for taller riders SwiftyONE TALL

adult scooter for heavy and tall people, scooter for big guys, scooter for people over 100kg

Adult kick-scooter for taller riders, SwiftyONE TALL with riser bars

TALL Scooters for Fitness

If you’re looking to turn to scooters to help get active and fit, then SwiftyZERO TALL will be ideal for you! Our light, big wheel, rigid frame fitness model is the perfect way to get active and the TALL model means it’s accessible for riders up to 6’5’’ and up to 150kg (330lbs)!

Scooting for fitness offers you a range of benefits that is hard to come by in other activities. A lot of people will be turning to scooting as a way to get moving and lose some weight, so your initial weight may be of concern. A lot of scooters around aren’t able to carry much weight without causing issues but SwiftyZERO TALL has a max load of 150kg so offers a way to get out and active for a lot of people!

6’ plus riders that are looking to get active need to be comfortable on their ride too, if you’re riding on a scooter that’s too small for you, you’ll be doing more harm than good! Our SwiftyZERO TALL model gives you a comfortable and smooth ride for riders up to 6’5’’ (195cm)!

If you have a regular ZERO and are looking for some extra height our handlebar cross risers can convert your original ZERO into a TALL model. The riser adds an extra 5.5’’(14cm) to your fitness scooter meaning you can stand tall and feel the wind in your hair comfortably!

Learn more about using an adult scooter for fitness HERE

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TALL Scooters for Adventure

For the tall or heavy adventurers and thrill-seekers amongst us, SwiftyAIR TALL is able to accommodate you on your adrenaline ride. With two handlebar riser options to choose from you can make sure your dirt scooter is the perfect height for you to carve your way down some trails. With our SwiftyAIR handlebar risers, you can either add 75mm (3'') or 35mm (1.4'') of height to the AIR’s current height to make sure you’re riding comfortably for your height.

When you’re facing a downhill trail or a particularly rugged patch on your ride you want to make sure you’re in the ideal position to traverse it. Giving yourself this extra bit of height and comfort while riding gives you so much more control of your scooter to know you can tackle it safely and confidently.

The heavier riders amongst us may be concerned about going over jumps on other dirt scooters but with a max load of 150kgs (330lbs) you can take on whatever trail you dare on our adventure scooter! It’s heat-treated T6 aluminium 6061 frameset and steel front forks have proven their strength down mountains and are ready to tackle whatever you can throw at them!

Learn more about our Adult Adventure Scooter!

3 thoughts on “A Kick Scooter for Taller and Heavier Adults: SwiftyONE TALL

  1. avatar Amelia Reed says:

    I am an Obese lady. Used Hudora 230 Big Wheel before. Now checking out the SwiftyONE TALL. It is showing enormous loading capacity! 330lbs!! Deck size is large enough too!!! Good for me and my baby together to commute around… I think! Thanks for this informative post.

  2. avatar Saul says:

    Hi Jane,

    If you head to the ‘Stockist’ page on our website and press ‘Contact’ on the Australia section you will be directed to our Australian stockist. They will be able to answer any AUS Swifty questions you have!

  3. avatar Jane says:

    What is the cost of a swifty one tall in Aussie dollars?
    Also, what is the freight to Melbourne, Australia?
    Do you have an agent in Melbourne?
    I look forward to your response!

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