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Travelling with kick-scooters - city break to Paris

City Break by Kick-Scooter - Travelling with Folding Scooters to Paris

City Break by Kick-Scooter - Travelling with Folding Scooters to Paris

Liberate your route from the public transport network while visiting all the popular sights and discovering hidden gems along the way. Swifty’s founders, Jason and Camilla, traveled to Paris to unwind and explore the city on their folding adult scooters. There's no easier and more fun way to explore cities than by kick-scooter! 

Eiffel tower with kick scooters

How To Travel With A Folding Scooter By Plane

It was super easy to take our scooters to Paris on the plane. We folded our SwiftyONEs (the award-winning folding scooters from Swifty) and put them in the SwiftyONE Protective Bag. This bespoke travel bag is not only very heavy-duty, it is also lined with pockets! We checked our scooters in as regular check-in luggage (since we added some clothing as ‘extra padding’) and just took a small backpack as hand luggage. This worked just fine for a weekend away. The scooter had to be dropped off at the ’larger items’ desk, just like other sports gear would be, but at no extra charge. Once we arrived in Paris, we picked them up at the baggage claim and took a taxi to our hotel. 

Note: pneumatic tyres must be completely deflated before the flight, so always pack a pump and multi-tool just in case.





Sightseeing in Paris on a Kick-Scooter

Once unpacked and tyres inflated again, we found kick-scooters to be an absolutely perfect way to navigate Paris! We know Paris quite well already but had never been able to explore the city like this – by using our scooters, we didn’t have to use the metro at all. Somehow everything seemed to be within reach while using the scooters. When stopping at shops or restaurants that caught our eye along the way, we could easily fold and take our scooters in with us. The cycle lanes and wide pavements were ideal for our kick-scooters. Swifty’s pneumatic tyres made the ride smooth, even over the Parisian cobblestones.

kick scooter in paris

Paris is one of the most accommodating cities for alternative modes of travel in Europe. We enjoyed seeing the lively array of e-scooters, mono-wheels and other light personal modes within the beautiful city (Manchester take note!). It was such a fun way to travel together and explore!


paris on kick scooter for adults

Scooting across the river Seine was spectacular. Thanks to our beautiful folding scooters, seeing the sights and exploring Paris was an amazing experience. We stepped away from our busy lives for a couple of days to scoot through this beautiful city and see some of the famous Paris sights and it was great!

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  • I always love kick scooter..and everyone must try it especially if you are in Paris for holiday

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