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junior design awards winner best kids scooter for girls for boys

Junior scooter Swifty IXI wins BEST TOY DESIGN AWARD!

Junior scooter Swifty IXI wins BEST TOY DESIGN AWARD!

We scooped the big one “Platinum” for Best Toy at the Junior Design Awards 2018



WHAT: Swifty IXI [pronounced ik-see] Junior Scooter is a premium quality kick-scooter, designed by husband and wife duo Jason and Camilla Iftakhar. Aimed at kids from age 7-12

WHY: “This unique all terrain, two-wheeled, retro looking scooter is British design icon in the making. And, our mini judging panel thought so too. Teenage Vloggers, influencers and siblings Amazing Arabella said

“Love the breaks on it and it’s a really cool and unique design.”

and JD the Kid simply stated “Awesome!!” in his judging notes. We couldn’t agree more – hence why Swifty scooped Platinum.” Junior Design Magazine

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It turns out that big kids have a real awareness for design, they’re clued up and brand aware. The Swifty IXI is designed for junior/pre-teen children, who have grown out of the three-wheeled scooters of their infant years. These children are independent and they know a good quality scooter when they see one, and they know a brand that’s relevant to their age group.

But the ride of any scooter is the real test, with pneumatic wheels and front and rear brakes, there is no competition – it really glides.

“it’s really fun because it feels really safe” Ida, aged 8. 


The gliding sensation gives you an enormous sense of enjoyment –more akin to skiing on fresh snow, and the kids know it. The sturdy design and quality components give reassurance to the rider, giving the confidence to make longer journeys by scooter, and ultimately giving the child more opportunities to be outside.

Find out more about the award winners here: JuniorMagazine

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