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It's a 'Man Scooter'! Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub rides Swifty AIR kick-scooter

Former UFC heavyweight and The Ultimate Fighter finalist turned comedian Brendan Schaub gets his hand on a Swifty! The American podcaster is seen riding a SwiftyAIR, or “MAN SCOOTER” as he puts it, after trying out a smaller scooter and breaking it.

A Scooter built for dads

The heavyweight stands at 6’4” (193cm) and 244lbs (111kgs) but proved that a man of his stature won’t get far on anything less than a SwiftyAIR all terrain adult scooter which is rated to 150kg. Sharing the image on Instagram to his half a million strong fan base, Schaub quoted "If your Dad doesn't cruise the streets on a scooter and rock a fanny pack he ain't shit." garnering 34,000 likes.

Speaking on his podcast Below the Belt, Schaub discussed the Swifty with Mike Dolce; "That scooter picture is everywhere now. Everybody is reposting it." And about the SwiftyAIR scooter "It's legit. It's fun. Super fun." Schaub also had a Swifty Kids Booster attached to take his pre-school aged son with him.

Adult scooter with big wheels, Swifty AIR, ridden by Brendan Schaub
bmx scooter

Schaub breaks a Bird Scooter

Despite the American's cool demeanour, he was not able to maintain such a reputation during his time on the Bird scooter. The structure of this rented scooter struggles to match Shaub’s power. You can actually hear the ping as the Bird scooter stem snaps and throws Schaub into the road. Bird being the latest tech start-up sensation to sweep the US, Bird offer a dockless e-scooter share scheme by way of an app that you download onto your phone. The app lets you unlock one of their scooters and charges you per mile.

Where Bird is distinctly different to Swifty, is that Bird isn't a scooter brand, but a tech company. Bird actually import their scooters from Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi. The Xiaomi is rated to just 100kg, and given it's a hire scheme, may have clocked up serious some mileage before you've even stepped on it. This one certainly looks like it may have seen better days. Perhaps there's another blog about that coming soon! follow @brendanschaub on Instagram

swifty air, adult scooter, kick scooter, swifty scooters, bmx scooter, dirt scooter with big wheels

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