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The Swifty Podcast #19 – Swifty Fitness: All About Our Fitness Equipment for Use at Home!

The Swifty Podcast #19 – Swifty Fitness: All About Our Fitness Equipment for Use at Home!

For our 19th episode we are excited to introduce our latest venture – Swifty Fitness! Jason and Camilla discuss everything to do with this new area we’re developing into in this episode.

They talk through how the idea of making home fitness equipment first came about, and was enforced by the positive effects they both found from focusing on their own fitness during the first UK lockdown.

As we’re able to be more in control of the production line on everything we produce under Swifty Fitness our co-founders also lay out their aims to ensure all elements are sustainably sourced, plastic free and eco-friendly.

From the beginning idea to the first product in our range they also dissect some of the key details about our Swifty Balance Board! We look into the specific design choices that can be found on our board compared to others as well as the benefits of the exercise and how it can be used to help your scooting technique, proprioception, strength, balance and more!

Skip ahead to a certain part in the podcast below - 

01:26 – What caused us to diversify into Swifty Fitness and make 'at home fitness equipment'

02:16 – Understanding the benefits of focusing on exercise as a result of lockdown

06:23 – Why we chose the balance board as our first product and what a balance board is

07:54 – Design features that makes our balance board stand out from the rest

10:00 – Foot strength, the importance of it and how balance boarding and scooting both help active key muscles to train your general balance and coordination

13:58 – How balance boarding can help improve both your proprioception and spatial awareness and the benefits of this

17:13 – The manufacturing side of the balance boards – locally sources packaging, 100% plastic free, plant based pigments

19:07 – Details about our 100% cork roller that can also be used as a hard foam roller for a deep tissue massage

20:56 – A closer look into our wall bracket that can be used to store our board and roller, and fit your existing roller or yoga mat 

22:20 – What else is in the pipeline for Swifty Fitness in the coming months

To see more info about our balance board, cork roller and wall bracket head over to the Home Fitness Equipment section of our site.

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