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The Swifty Podcast Ep #4 – Equity Crowdfunding and the Next Stage for Swifty Scooters

Swifty is equity crowdfunding! Jason and Camilla sit down to discuss what equity crowdfunding is and why they’ve chosen to do it at this point for the company. They also outline some of the innovative projects that Swifty are working on that you’ll want to be a part of going forward and the benefits you’ll get as a member of the shareholder community!

Click on any of the below links to skip ahead to a specific point of the video!

  • What is equity crowdfunding and why are Swifty crowdfunding now? 00:52 
  • How do we get around in developing smart cities? 04:08 
  • The smart scooters that Swifty are developing 08:43 
  • Details on new developments for our smart scooters 12:30 
  • The Swifty App detailed 16:38 
  • How the app can help scooting safety 21:34 
  • Geo-fencing explained 24:16
  • SwiftyCARBON launching at the Frankfurt Motorshow 27:44 

To learn more about our crowdfunding campaign read our blog post about it HERE

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