back to school big wheel kids scooter and backpack

Best kids' scooter for the back to school run!

The new school year is upon us, the mad rush to get supplies is almost over, and the upcoming Autumn term is looming. We know that the school run can be stressful  making sure the kids have their lunch, homework, and PE kit can be a testing task each morning. On top of balancing all of that, you find yourself juggling their bags on the way to and from school. So the opportunity to upgrade the school run could make all the difference to your day.

back to school big wheel kids scooter and backpack

There are a few simple steps that can transform your school run and leave both you and your little ones raring to go for the day ahead.

It’s great to get active. Light exercise in the morning can invigorate you for the day ahead, as well as boosting your children's productivity in the classroom. Scooting is a great way to exercise, and the SwiftyIXI is the perfect solution for a safe, stable, and fun way to get to and from school.

Selecting the right scooter once your child has grown out of their small three-wheeler in important. We’re all tempted to go for the cheapest option, but what if you found something that was built to last year of daily use, AND smoother and safer than anything else out there? 

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Once your child outgrows the 3 wheeled scooter when they get to age 7 or 8, it's important to upgrade their ride. Pneumatic tyres make the SwiftyIXI perfect for gliding over mixed terrain, whether it’s Autumn leaves or a cobbled path – its 12" wheels soak up all the bumps making it a safe way to travel. It's a happy medium between the freedom of a bike and the safety of the pavement.

back to school big wheel kids scooter yellow

Integrated mudguards come as standard, protecting their school uniform from dirt and water; muddy puddles have met their match this time. The wet-weather ready SwiftyIXI is great for all seasons, so there’s no need to leave the scooters at home on a gloomy day.

The Swifty IXI can stay with your kids through to their transition into ‘big’ school, because the adjustable handlebar makes it perfect for growing children aged 7 to 12. It’s a one-time investment for their childhood memories and for the ease of the back-to-school scoot.

The award-winning IXI scooters have standard bike components, which not only add to the retro styling but also make the scooters fully lockable just like a bike. Because it's safe to lock it outside of school during the day, you're saved the hassle of having to carry it home or store it in your car.

Remember to stay safe out there! We offer this bright helmet for children.

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