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Improve Fitness at Home With Swifty Fitness’ New Cork Products

Improve Fitness at Home With Swifty Fitness’ New Cork Products

In our latest drop we introduce three new products to the Swifty Fitness range, all made from sustainable, eco-friendly cork!

Home fitness isn’t all about breaking a sweat and getting yourself out of breath. Looking after your muscles by stretching or massaging them can do the world of good to our bodies.

It’s something that’s universal across every workout you do; whether to help recover post workout, get them ready to work in the warm up or if you’re just keeping them limber and activated during a typical day.



eco friendly yoga mat, non slip yoga mat, best non slip yoga mat

Our cork eco friendly yoga mat is a classic multi use mat that has a place in everyone’s home gym. The non-slip yoga mat is an ideal platform to work out on, whether you’re doing some yoga, balance boarding or anything else!

Our yoga mat helps give you some extra cushion on the ground for your joints as you exercise, so you don’t need to worry as much about higher impact exercises, and can be more comfortable while gaining your balance on the low impact exercises.

Cork is antimicrobial so cuts down any germs or bacteria that can build up after a workout or two, they’re also extremely durable and give you a great amount of grip even when wet!

The Swifty Yoga Mat also acts as the ideal surface for you to use your balance board on! Smooth out rougher terrains like concrete and paving by laying your yoga mat over the top, making it safe to put your cork roller down on.

As gyms and classes open up again it’s perfect to take with you to any classes you go to either outdoor or indoors, and easily rolls up for simple storage at home.

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Massage Ball

massage ball with spikes, trigger point ball, massage ball foot

We have discussed previously how to use your cork roller to help massage your muscles but if you’re looking for a more specific way to target the knots our cork massage ball is for you.

The Swifty Fitness hard cork massage ball is a great way to help relieve muscle tension, tightness and give yourself myofascial release. Whether you’re looking to increase blood flow in your muscles, aid recovery after a workout, or just want to give your muscles a more concentrated massage our massage ball can help!

trigger point massage ball, trigger point ball

Small in size, you get to those hard to reach trigger points and target them precisely. It’s ideal for targeting areas that are otherwise tough to pinpoint with a larger roller like your feet or neck. But it’s just as good for a targeted massage of larger parts of your body like your upper back, glutes or shoulders.

You’re in complete control of your massage with the peanut ball, how much weight you put into the ball dictates how deep the massage is. You can have the ball on the floor, up against the wall or if you’re looking for something lighter you can just roll it over your muscles by hand.

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Cork Massage Peanut

peanut massage roller, massage ball peanut, massage peanut

Our new peanut massage ball gives you the best of the massage ball across a wider area. Targeted self-massage that gets to the root of your aches and stiffness safely!

The double massage ball allows you to roll across a wider range of muscle than the single helping you search for specific trigger points that are causing problems while still applying a concentrated massage into small areas. Think of it as a massage between the cork roller and the single massage ball!

Thanks to its unique shape you can use the peanut on all the usual places you would your single massage ball or cork roller, but will warrant different results. Rather than focusing on a single point you’ll be working the muscle more as a whole. Its shape also allows you to easily work the same area and roll back and forth over certain trigger points.

A peanut massage ball is ideal for alleviating one of the most common aches we have - back pain or ‘hunched back’. The double ball shape can be used up your thoracic spine (spine in your upper back) by evenly massaging the muscles that run along your spine – muscles that are a challenge to reach otherwise!

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peanut massage roller, peanut massage ball

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