How to get outside with a young family? You need scooters!

How to get outside with a young family? You need scooters!

Getting outside with a young family is tricky but when you do, it does you and the kids a world of good. Fresh air, nature and a little exercise – yes, please! When we had our first baby, we could walk for miles, either pushing the buggy or carrying a sling. When we had our second, we tried a few different options, a buggy-board worked well. We even tried a cargo bike which was great fun, but a little hairy as we have no sufficient cycle paths near us.

Buggy Rejected!

Then the youngest wanted to be out of the buggy and we had to have a re-think. A toddler and a 4-year-old meant that getting out into the great outdoors just didn’t work too well. We would often bundle into the car just for a trip to the park or to feed the ducks. This short window when the youngest is between 2 and 5yrs old, when the buggy is long forgotten and walking anywhere takes forever, is when it’s near impossible to get outside! Searching for an activity that all the family can enjoy is vital.

Scooters for the Whole Family

The best option for us by a long way was to use kick-scooters. An adult scooter with kids booster for our youngest enabled us to travel more than a few hundred meters.

Here is a short diary about a 12km scoot around Lady Bower Reservoir in the Peak District UK during the Easter Holidays.

Video Edit – Family Scoot with Swifty

Watch this short video we took using our phones  – an Easter Family Scoot!

12km scoot: A Family Outing with a 4yr old and 8yr old

Lady Bower Reservoir, Peak District UK.

Dad is riding a SwiftyAIR with kids Booster attachment, 8yr old has SwiftyIXI junior scooter. The pneumatic wheels take you further! The exceptionally smooth ride means longer distances are easily achieved – and yes it is possible to scoot up hills!

An uphill scoot!

An uphill scoot!

A bit too chilly for a dip in April, but we took a short stop at the water’s edge to throw stones.

Dad was riding SwiftyAIR MK2 which has Maxxis tyres and double wall rims for dirt trails and off-road riding. The kids Booster is easily fitted to the deck for the 4yr old to stand on.

We loved the route around Lady Bower Reservoir – the private road is perfect for scooting or cycling the kids. If the hill was a bit steep, you can easily step off and push the little one!

Sheep spotting pit-stop!

A 12km scoot and back in one piece! We’re lucky enough to have ample room in the boot for the Swiftys – but the foldable scooters and junior range easily collapse into a regular sized car boot.

I found this excellent guide to the route on the AA website the map I have copied below. The private road featured in our video is from points 1 to 3 and back again (12km). We have also travelled 1 to 5 on our Swiftys (15km), the path between 3 and 5 is gravel. Both highly recommended! Lady Bower Reservoir, Hope Valley S33 0AQ UK.

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