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Swifty's Micro Mobility Solution - A Scooter Fleet for Your Business

Swifty's Micro Mobility Solution - A Scooter Fleet for Your Business

The new shared micro mobility solution to complement your business: The Swifty Scooter Fleet! A way to promote your brand, upsell your holiday letting or offer an active form of travel for your staff to enjoy, the possibilities are endless. Custom designed, branded and most importantly, fun. To use for corporate shared transport, rentable outdoor activities and schools, with the added bonus of our scooters being built to last thousands of miles, and designed for easy and low maintenance!

Why is Micro Mobility Important?

Our cities are facing two major problems: air pollution and congestion. Micro mobility addresses these urgent issues by offering a perfect solution for trips that are under 5 miles. These forms of transport barely take up any space on the street and don't emit harmful greenhouse gases. It's leading us to a new way of moving through the city, creating cleaner and safer environments for everybody. Your business can be ahead of the game and invest in a shared micro mobility scooter fleet now.

At Swifty Scooters, we offer different types of micro mobility fleets that are suitable for different environments. Find out more about each type below...

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Shared Mobility in City Offices - Scooter Fleets (Windmill Green)

So what are the benefits of a scooter fleet for your inner city business? Swifty Scooters supplied Windmill Green with a fleet of customized and branded scooters. This newly build business hub in Manchester, UK puts a lot of emphasises on sustainability and environmental awareness. What better way to encourage your tenants with some (literally!) green transportation? The five custom-build and branded SwiftyZERO kick-scooters will be displayed in the foyer of Windmill Green and will be free to use for tenants of the building. Managing Partner Basil Demeroutis says this scooter fleet will help Windmill Green tenants to form sustainable habits, which makes good business sense to both him and the tenants of the building.

“At Windmill Green we want to provide our community with different options to get about town, whether it’s getting to and from meetings or getting fit and active over lunch. Scooting is a cool and quick way to get about the city. It’ll keep you fit and make you feel great."
- Basil Demeroutis, Managing Partner FORE Partnership.

adult scooter fleet for city offices, corporate mobility sharing scooter

Employees Well-Being

Scooting contributes to the well-being of your employees. A healthy and happy workforce increases productivity and reduces sick days. The Swifty fleet will allow tenants of Windmill Green to travel further on their lunch breaks, especially since there are so many great canal routes in Manchester that have recently been renovated. They now easily navigate between Manchester centre and Media City without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

“We are pleased to be able to be backing such an innovative and creative local company Swifty Scooters. It’s a central part of our vision of real estate as a force for social good to be helping a fantastic, small local business fulfil their business as well as social purpose.”
- Basil Demeroutis, Managing Partner FORE Partnership.

Swifty scooters fleets for urban shared mobility in cities and holiday parks

Promote Your Brand

The Windmill Green scooter fleet has been branded with the Windmill Green logo and custom coloured in their authentic green. When tenants use the scooters in the city, the scooters are bound to catch the eye of others in the city. It’s a great way to spread awareness and a buzz around Windmill Green’s brand and make a statement.

Read more about Windmill Green’s Shared Scooter Fleet in the journal:
The Swifty Fleet – Urban Mobility and Well-Being Embraced at Windmill Green

Lower The Carbon Footprint of Your Business

Any business, no matter how big or small, can make a positive change in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Giving your employees or tenants an emission-free way of travelling around the city (for meetings or lunch breaks) helps to reduce the total greenhouse gas emission of your business. A win for your company and a win for the environment. You can read more about the effect of active mobility on your corporate carbon footprint here.

adult scooter fleet sharing for corporate businesses in urban cities

Private Scooter Fleet for Holiday Accommodations / Airbnbs

Using a kick-scooter to explore a city, a village or get around a holiday park is great fun! Giving your guests the option to stay mobile during their stay by giving them access to a fun and unique vehicle like a micro mobility kick-scooter can set your accommodation apart from your competitors.

Learn how businesses are using our adult scooter fleets to their advantage HERE

Fun and Unique Upsell

Whether you work for a hotel, holiday home letting or own an Airbnb, a scooter fleet might be just the right investment for you. It can be used as a fun and unique selling point to let your guests explore their holiday destination.

Wherever the location of your holiday accommodation, Swifty can provide you with just the right types of scooters. For city-based hotels or Airbnbs, we offer the foldable SwiftyONE model or the lightweight fitness model, the SwiftyZERO. These are lightweight kick-scooters that are perfect for navigating through cities and across longer distances.

adult scooter fleet for olympic games, bmx scooter fleet, dirt scooter fleet

For a more remote location, the SwiftyAIR might be a better option. The SwiftyAIR is an adventure scooter, designed to be ridden over any type of terrain. The perfect kick-scooter to hire out for holidaymakers to let your guests explore your beautiful holiday destination. During the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Swifty provided Team GB with a SwiftyAIR adventure scooter fleet. The athletes used the customised scooter fleet to navigate through the Olympic Village with ease.

Read more about the Swifty Fleet in Peyongchang in the journal:
The Swifty Fleet in Pyeong Chang – The Scooter Choice of Olympians

“They’re seriously fun and easy to ride. The last thing a snowboarder needs is any more stress on the joints. I like the low impact, but full body movement of scooting. I don’t like gyms, so getting out on the scooters was great fun while we were waiting around for our event days.”
- Billy Morgen, professional snowboarder and Olympic medallist, Team GB.

To make sure you pick the right type of scooter fleet for your business, please contact us at We’d be happy to help!

swifty scooters fleet shared mobility in cities, holiday homes and outdoor activity centres

Set Your Business Apart From Your Competitors

Using a scooter fleet as an upsell or complementary form of transport to your guests can be a great way to compete with other holiday accommodations. It’s a unique asset to your holiday home. Work together with your design team to create a custom coloured scooter fleet, branded with your logo. These unique costumed vehicles are bound to catch people’s attention, making it a great way to effortlessly promote your brand.

adult scooter fleet for holiday makers, holiday up sell idea, bmx scooter fleet, adventure scooter fleet

Kids Scooter Fleet for Schools

Giving children the means to learn the importance of exercise and creating healthy habits is incredibly important to growth. Helping them enjoy sports and exercise in school is a great start. Swifty Scooters have provided our award-winning SwiftyIXIs to schools in the past and we have gotten great feedback from them, as they can be paid for with PE grants and aid in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Promote a Healthy Body and Mind to Children

Teaching children the importance of exercising should start as early as possible. So why not boost this lesson with a fun way to exercise? Kick-scooting is inclusive to children who don’t particularly like popular sports like football or basketball. Giving children access to kick scooters is a way to show them there is a fun sport for everyone. Swifty’s kids’ scooters can be ridden smoothly on many different terrains (including grass!), are equipped with front and rear brake for extra safety and are a lot of fun to ride.

Read more about our award-winning kids' scooters in the journal:
Junior Scooter Swifty IXI wins Best Toy Design Award

Kids Scooter Fleet for Schools and Zoos, best kids scooters, swifty scooters

Customisable - Promote Your School

Work together with our design team to create a tailor-made scooter fleet in the colours of your school, branded with your logo. What better way to promote the school’s name and show parents your school promotes healthy habits, that children will benefit from for the rest of their lives?

PE grants

The Swifty Scooter fleets for schools can be paid for with PE grants that are given to schools through government funding in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles in children. These grants will help children in the future as well as current pupils, as Swifty’s Scooters are made to last. Our high-quality scooters have both front and rear brakes, providing safety in any weather. The pneumatic wheels offer stability and a smooth ride over different terrains, making them perfect for schools.

best kids scooter, kid scooter fleet for schools, pe grant

Private Adventure Scooter Fleet for Outdoor Activity Centres

A SwiftyAIR adventure scooter fleet provides a fun experience for family-friendly outdoor activities. These adult scooters are suitable for mixed terrain. They are strong enough to be ridden through forests, down mountain trails or alongside coastal paths.

Swifty Scooters supplied the Dirt Factory in Manchester with five custom-made SwiftyAIR adventure scooters. Dirt Factory is the UK’s first indoor mountain bike park, making mountain biking and BMXing more accessible in busy city centres like Manchester. Customers are able to bring their own bikes/scooters, or use one of the many available, including the SwiftyAIR.

adult scooter fleet for outdoor activity centres, dirt scooter fleet, bmx scooter fleet, dirt factory manchester

Unique Selling Point for Your Business

Kick-scooting is a fun way to exercise, and it can be used as a unique selling point for your business. Renting out bikes has been done countless times before, but hiring scooters out is more unique and is bound to get people excited to give them a go. It’s fun, a little different and will certainly catch people’s eyes. A great way to compete with others in the industry!

swifty scooters fleet for rental and shared mobility in office spaces inner cities

Did you know that Team GB had a Swifty Scooter fleet of 10 scooters at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang? Team GB used their scooters to navigate the Olympic Village, to rest their legs and as a positive distraction between competing.

“They’re seriously fun and easy to ride. The last thing a snowboarder needs is any more stress on the joints. I like the low impact, but full body movement of scooting. I don’t like gyms, so getting out on the scooters was great fun while we were waiting around for our event days.”
- Billy Morgen, professional snowboarder and Olympic medallist, Team GB.

Read more about the Swifty Fleet in Peyongchang in the journal:
The Swifty Fleet in Pyeong Chang – The Scooter Choice of Olympians

Team GB adventure scooter fleet swifty scooters, adult scooter BMX, dirt scooter fleet

Benefits of Scooting VS Biking

Scooting is not only a fun and unique thing to do, but it also has a lot of benefits over using a bike. For fitness, scooting falls in between cycling and running. When scooting, you are standing rather than sitting, which means a scooter workout targets more muscle groups than cycling does. Because kicking the scooter forward gives the leg a larger range of motion, these muscle groups are trained better. This larger range of motion also helps to liberate the hip flexors, which are not given the chance to fully open while cycling. On top of that, scooting is also a lot of fun and feels like a more unique experience compared to cycling!

Read more about the differences between scooting and cycling in the Journal:
Bike VS Scooter, who comes out on top?, or specifically for commuting, try: Commuters, folding bike or folding scooter?


For more information about Swifty’s Scooter fleets, check out our Scooter Fleet Product Page, or email us at

(Please note, we have B2B finance options available, please contact us for more information)


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