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dirt factory manchester adult scooter

SwiftyAIR Adult Dirt Scooter Fleet Arrives at Dirt Factory Manchester

SwiftyAIR Adult Dirt Scooter Fleet Arrives at Dirt Factory Manchester

Swifty Scooters has arrived at the Dirt Factory in Manchester! We've supplied the indoor mountain bike park with five custom-made SwiftyAIR adventure scooters. Dirt Factory is the first of its kind, making mountain biking and BMXing more accessible in busy city centres like Manchester. Customers are able to bring their own bikes/scooters or use one of the many available, including the SwiftyAIR. #rideinside!

adult dirt scooter in dirt factory manchester

Our BMX-like adult kick scooters are designed to be pushed to the limit. They are perfect for off-road terrains and dirt riding - a match made in heaven for Dirt Factory! The 16-inch pneumatic tyres offer a smooth ride over any type of terrain while the front and rear Tektro V-brakes provide safety and control. A fun alternative to a BMX bike, so why not try it out at Dirt Factory?

adult scooter at dirt factory Manchester dirt scooter manchester dirt factory
Jason checking out the progress at Dirt Factory in January

"We know that you can’t replicate the outdoor experience. Our aim is to make mountain biking and BMX more accessible by bringing high-quality trails to a highly populated area. Dirt Factory will give you the chance to go ride your bike when the weather is bad, after work or school, through the darker nights or when you don’t fancy travelling long distances to trail centres."

adult scooter at dirt factory manchester

Address: Dirt Factory Pop Up, Bond Street, Manchester M12 6HW
Check out their website for more information: Dirt Factory 

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Find out more about our scooter fleets and what they could mean to your business here: Swifty's Micro Mobility Solution - A Scooter Fleet for Your Business.

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