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Exercise at Home For Strength and Balance - Introducing Swifty Fitness

Exercise at Home For Strength and Balance - Introducing Swifty Fitness

Exercise at Home For Strength and Balance - Introducing Swifty Fitness

The year 2020; when finding a sustainable balance has never been more difficult. Rather than a good balance between work and play, we’re working too much. We’re spending hours in front of a screen and not enough time in nature. We’re sitting for far too long and it’s time to get our bodies moving. 

2020 has inspired us to diversify. Our issues with our supply chain this year have given us the energy to do things that have been on our minds for some time. 

Swifty is not only a scooter-lifestyle brand anymore, it’s more than that! We aim to inspire our community to make small steps towards a better lifestyle. For us it’s about getting moving, having fun and with a foundation of environmental consciousness unpinning all that we do.

As a result, we’d like to introduce a new, exciting addition to the Swifty Scooters brand – Swifty Fitness!


With the introduction of Swifty Fitness, we’re beginning to expand our range of products. To put it simply, Swifty Fitness will offer home fitness equipment that you can use to keep yourself active and engaged throughout the day.

The products have been designed here at SwiftyHQ, meaning you can be sure they uphold the level of quality, craftsmanship and reliability that you have come to know from our scooters. Excitingly a lot of what we have in the pipeline is also being manufactured directly by our team at Swifty HQ! We're focusing on making the products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Encouraging active travel has always been one of our central goals. The world of scooters is becoming increasingly electrified and we stand firm in our belief that there is still space for human-powered scooters. Even our new E-kit is kick assisted, keeping users active and safe while riding. This enduring message is passing over into what we want to achieve with Swifty Fitness. Human power is all you need if you have the right mindset and equipment to make the most of it.

Keeping active shouldn’t mean just going for an hour-long run in the rain, or paying to go to a gym. There’s a lot we can do at home that will give us the same benefits, and not take much away from your daily routine, or wallet! 

With Swifty Fitness we hope to help demonstrate this and show how the Swifty community and beyond can reap the benefits of home fitness, with products that they can have fun with.

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Lock downs around the world have resulted in many of us giving home workouts and fitness a go. For many, this just means making some room on the floor for a few press-ups, sit-ups or following along to a YouTube yoga tutorial. This works for some, but understandably can be quite an uninspiring way to get active and we all know how easy it is to give up on.

With Swifty Fitness we’ll be offering a range of home fitness equipment that can help diversify and rejuvenate your workout. With our scooters, it’s important to us that a rider can hop on a Swifty and have fun right from their first push, and we’re taking this principle over to our fitness gear. Exercise doesn’t need to be boring!

Getting people active has always been one of the crucial reasons we make scooters. Our adult commuter scooter SwiftyONE has been a favourite among our customers for years. With much of the population now working from home, we’re missing the commute which (though loathed by many) was a great opportunity to keep us active.

Modern work is also increasingly sedentary. Combine this with a lack of commute and we find ourselves sitting on our butts for most of the day, inactive. That’s not what the human body was built to do.

We aim to continue our efforts to make working out as easy and enjoyable as possible. Swifty Fitness will provide you with new exciting products that can help you break these sedentary habits and improve your health, body and mindset.

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In short, nothing. Our innovative big wheel adult and kids’ scooters aren’t going anywhere, don’t worry!

With the colossal increase in global demand for bike parts, it’s become a challenge to source all the components that go into making our premium scooters. We are constantly working hard behind the scenes to get as much stock in as often as possible, but as a result, it’s likely we’re going to have longer periods without stock.

Our scooters are always going to be central to what we do here. Swifty Fitness is taking the lead from what we have learnt from years in the scooter industry and feedback from our loyal customers. We’re simply taking the design experience of our co-founders and honing it in on a new venture, which will invariably improve your scooting technique too.

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We have already launched our first product as part of our Swifty Fitness plans - our Balance Board! Designed and made from our HQ in Manchester they're made of 100% FSC Certified Birch Plywood and covered in plant-based pigment and clear varnish. It's completely plastic free and a great way to test your core strength, challenge your lower body muscles and work on your coordination!

We have a whole range of exciting products in the pipeline that are suitable for people to use in their homes, whether that be in their flat or their garden. So, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on our website and newsletters.

It’s a really exciting time to start this new chapter as a company, so we’d also love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what would help you get active, without interrupting your daily routine.

Let us know what fitness products you’d like to see us explore with Swifty Fitness in the comments!

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