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The Swifty Podcast Ep #3 – Which Scooter is Best for You? A Breakdown of Swifty Models

ONE, MARINE, AIR, ZERO, IXI. We have a selection of different adult and children scooters designed for very different purposes. For Episode #3 of The Swifty Podcast Jason and Camilla outline the different categories of scooter for you and the design choices that have been made to optimise each one for their intended purpose.

Got a specific model you want to learn more about? Skip ahead in the video by clicking on the relevant section below!

  • A breakdown of the different categories of scooters we have 02:03
  • SwiftyONE. Creating the iconic folding design 09:04
  • SwityONE Marine. What separates it from the standard SwiftyONE MK3 17:47
  • SwiftyAIR. How and why we designed the adventure model 19:20
  • SwiftyZERO. The changes we made to optimise the scooter for fitness 28:01
  • SwiftyIXI. How we downsized our design to best fit a kids scooter 33:25
  • A quick overview of future Swifty projects 38:16

Find out more about the specifics of our adult kick scooter design process in Episode #11 of The Swifty Podcast

Which scooter is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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