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Swifty Scooters' Quality Promise

Swifty Scooters' Quality Promise

Since our inception, we have endeavoured to create products that will inspire a positive change in people, products that will be with them for life. To ensure that we’re continuing to push ourselves to be the best we can be, we want to outline a quality promise to our customers so they know the level of commitment we will always put forward.

The clearest way to outline what we stand for is by exploring our four core brand values – Responsibility, Quality, Innovation and Freedom.

Listen to Jason and Camilla explore our brand values and the importance they have on the company in Episode #11 of The Swifty Podcast


Here at SwiftyHQ, we will always aim to do the right thing through positive action, because we care about being a responsible company.

We will source our materials sustainably, from reputable manufacturers that have implemented safety standards and don’t exploit their workers. 

Making products that will last a lifetime and can be handed down generations is also very important to us. We will not manufacture products that aren’t built to last and will end up in landfill.

We design all our scooters with standard components that can be easily fixed and repaired. All of our parts are adjustable, making maintenance easy! Any perishable parts of our scooters are available in standard sizes - meaning tyres, brake pads etc can be easily replaced when they've worn down over years of scooting.

Our adult scooters are tested to BS EN 14619:2015 with a max load of 150kg. We will adhere to any further safety regulations that are needed, only creating products that are upheld to these standards.

Environmental sustainability is of great importance to us, one of the reasons we champion scooting so much is its ability to replace so many of the short journeys we currently make in cars. We will continue to make our practice as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, adapting new practices that would help us achieve that goal.

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We strive to create top-quality products that will last years to come. Swifty scooters are known for their quality, which has been refined and perfected over the years. Customer's that fall in love with Swifty feel the quality in both the design and manufacturing, which together result in a simply unbeatable ride

When it comes to design, we aim to create a quality product from top to bottom. From geometry, proportions, components and usability we look to find a perfect balance for the user. We will continue to not cut corners with our designs, not use any substandard componentry and ensure our adult and kids scooters are up to our high standard.

Beyond just our products we aim to provide a quality service for our customers, answering queries promptly, providing instructional video guides and helping out to the best of our ability. This feeds into our business decisions too, making assured and considered choices that will ultimately result in the best products.

All parts of our scooters are adjustable and serviceable. We ensure that quality goes into every aspect of our scooters and in making the parts serviceable we’re able to maintain this quality so the scooters can be passed down generations.

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Swifty is a design-led company, founded by designers who are passionate to champion creativity and innovation in scooters.

We took the idea of adult scooters and put our stamp on it, which has evolved into our range of Swifty models today. Innovation has always been at the heart of the company and is something we will always uphold.

We will continue to develop our products and hone our designs to be the best they can be, listening to our communities needs and suggestions, reacting with changes that will best suit them.

We have devoted years of work towards the designs of our products and we hold everything we produce up to the highest standards. We’ll continue to perfect and adapt our designs to be the very best they can be.

There's no better example of this than the folding mechanism of the SwiftyONE. From a glance it may look simple, and the ease in which it works it makes it seem that way too - but a mechanism like that is not easy to achieve! The number of moving parts required to align and work together for the scooter to fold is a huge challenge, but one we loved to tackle. Creating a solution that is simple and quick for the user to operate - that's a sign of good, innovative design.

Learn more about the differences between our different models in The Swifty Podcast #3

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Though this may seem abstract at first, scooting represents freedom to our community. It gives people a new way to move and get around that isn’t constricted to roads or public transport routes. Whether you want to explore the city or nature you can do so with ease on a Swifty.

Through our designs, we have created a mode of transport that is accessible to a wider demographic of people. We will continue to make scooters that are inclusive to many.

The feeling of freedom and fun will always be an integral part of the Swifty experience. The practicality of the scooters is of course key but where would we be if your scooter wasn’t fun to ride?

We have had multiple customers get in contact to tell us how scooting has been instrumental in improving their mental health. The benefits of being able to easily get outside and active in a fun and different way can’t be overstated. It’s hearing this kind of feedback from our customers that highlight just how important freedom is to what we do, and why it’s a value we will always keep central to what we do.

Learn how scooting has been an asset for many customers in their recovery from injuries and operations

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These four values are at the centre of everything we do at Swifty and are considered in each decision we make. We stand by them and hope to be held to these standards by our customers.

As we continue to evolve and grow as a company they will be instrumental in our decisions, to continue to be a responsible, innovative company that creates the highest quality products - allowing our customers to embrace the freedoms that scooters offer, that’s our quality promise!

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