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The Swifty Podcast #18- COVID Effects, UK E-Scooter Trials & New Products!

The Swifty Podcast #18- COVID Effects, UK E-Scooter Trials & New Products!

The Swifty Podcast #18- COVID Effects, UK E-Scooter Trials & New Products!

The Swifty Podcast returns! After a break as a result of the COVID-19 Jason and Camilla are back to give you all an update on how the past 6 months have affected us. We also take a look forward to what we have in store for the rest of the year.

Our co-founders chat through the effect COVID has had on both Swifty and the scooter/bike industry as a whole as well as how we’re dealing with the repercussions.

There has been considerable headway into e-scooter legalisation since our last discussion, so they cover their views on the ongoing UK E-scooter trials. They also discuss the evidence and insights we submitted to the DfT in regards to the legalisation of electric scooters in the UK, including an overview of the Pothole Test.

They also give you an insight into what exciting new products we have in the making along with some updates on some hotly anticipated products!

  • 03:00 – The changing nature of how people used scooters during lockdown
  • 05:00 – How our keyworker discount was embraced worldwide and some touching customer stories
  • 08:29 – The UK government call for evidence on E-scooters, the evidence we submitted and a rundown of the pothole test. See the results of our scooter survey to the Swifty community HERE
  • 17:30 – Our concerns around the lack of change to rules around ownership of e-scooters and how the huge sharing platforms gain their influence in cities
  • 22:00 – The growing importance of active travel in the time of COVID-19
  • 27:50 – The upcoming challenge of being out of stock and global problems with parts manufacturing as a result of huge increased demand
  • 30:27 – New product development – updates on the kick-stand, our new kick-assist electric kit
  • 39:30 – We’re working on a range of new home fitness equipment. Some sneak peeks at what products we have in the pipeline!
  • 41:30 – Swifty merchandise that we have planned for the coming months


Read more about some of the topics mentioned in this podcast at the links below -

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  • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your suggestion. We’ve found from experience that 16-inch wheels allow the ideal amount of ride quality and usability for either short or long-distance journeys, but we’ve taken your comments on board!

    Swifty HQ on

  • While you’re thinking of new products, please consider a 20” Swifty Zero. Seems to me, your only serious competition would be the Yedoo Dragstr. Right now, it’s the only 20/20 of comparable spec to the Swifty, in my opinion. I have a Trexx, along with a Kickbike Racemax20 and a Swifty One that I use in rotation for morning workouts but would love to have a scooter version of my Xootr Swift folder, that’s aluminum, fast and built for distance but still as agile.

    Jonathan McDuffie on

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