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Google’s Top 10 Questions about Adult Kick Scooters Answered!

Google’s Top 10 Questions about Adult Kick Scooters Answered!

The public is increasingly looking for new ways to make their essential trips in a quick and planet friendly way. As a result, there has been an increase in the interest of adult kick scooters lately. 

As adult kick-scooters are a new concept to many, there are understandably a lot of questions about it when you first look into scooters, so we’ve looked into Google’s top 10 questions in regards to ‘Adult Kick Scooters’.

We hope to quickly and simply answer some of the questions on everyone’s lips when they're looking into this fantastic way to travel.

So, what are the top 10 questions we’ll be answering? –

  1.   Can adults ride kick scooters?
  2.   What is the best scooter for adults?
  3.   What are the different types of scooters?
  4.   Which scooter is best for off-road?
  5.   Is a scooter good for commuting?
  6.   Is there a weight limit for scooters?
  7.   What are the benefits of riding a scooter?
  8.   Is riding a scooter good exercise?
  9.   Is a scooter faster than walking?
  10.   Can you kick an electric scooter?

Take a look below for our answers to all these questions, and make sure to let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to know!


  1. Can adults ride kick scooters?

Yes, adults can ride kick scooters, provided they are designed for adults and able to hold the weight of a full-grown adult. Scooting is rising in popularity among adults and is a great way to embrace a full-body cardio exercise that has a low impact on your joints!

Adult scooters come in all shapes and forms so whatever way you’re looking to get moving there is a scooter that can fit your needs! Scooting is an accessible way to get active and we’ve found that many of our customers have turned to scooting as a result of injuries or conditions that have meant they’re unable to do certain sports or activities - learn more HERE.


One of the main ways scooting is being adopted by adults is as a mode of transport is on the daily commute. Now more than ever people are looking for alternative ways to get to and from work outdoors, in order to avoid using public transport. Scooters offer a great way to do just this, you can travel a lot quicker than walking, it’s accessible to a wide array of people and is a fun way to travel! When was the last time you had fun on the commute?

SwiftyONE is our adult folding commuter scooter. With 16-inch pneumatic wheels it can glide across any pavement cracks and cobbles it comes across. At only 16cm wide when folded it’s ideal to be taken on public transport if your journey requires it, stowed away in luggage compartments of a train or slotted under a desk for when you get to the office!

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  1. What is the best kick scooter for adults?

The ‘best kick scooter for adults’ depends on what you need a scooter for. Whether you’re looking for a scooter to commute on, go on off-road adventures or simply to help you get up and active Swifty have models that are top quality, built to last and safe by design.

Obviously, we’re going to be somewhat biased here, but we have honed our designs for years and are confident that our range of adults scooters are the best around for whatever reason you’re looking to scoot!

If you’re searching for this question, you’re likely just getting to grips with the world of adult scooters and looking at all the options available. You should first think about some key questions to guide you on your search such as – Do I want a kick scooter / e-scooter, one that folds/isn’t foldable, or one that has big wheels / small wheels?

It’s also worth noting what scooters are most comfortable for you, for example, if you’re a heavier rider a lot of scooters might not be able to hold your weight and if you’re over 6’ tall you don’t want to end up hunched over while scooting. Swifty’s TALL upgrade can accommodate riders up to 6’5’’ and all have a max load of 150kgs so can cater to most individuals.

To help you get an idea of what models we stock and their differences you can compare all of Swifty’s scooter models HERE.

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  1. What are the different types of scooters?

The main different types of scooters are - adult and kid’s scooters, kick and electric scooters. Non-electric scooters are powered by the rider pushing themselves along and self-propelling, whereas electric scooters are powered by an electric motor triggered by a throttle.

Within the umbrella categories of kids, adult and electric scooters you can find plenty of design differences – big-wheeled scooters, folding scooters, stunt scooters and many more. Whatever you’re hoping to use a scooter for there’s a good chance there’s one out there that will fit your needs.

Learn in more detail about the different varieties of scooters and what separates them from one another!

  1. Which scooter is best for off-road?

To go off-road you need a dirt scooter (aka all-terrain scooter) that has big wheels, chunky tyres and a fixed strong frame that can handle the bumps that comes from dirt tracks and trails.

Our off-road, or dirt scooter is the SwiftyAIR – a rugged scooter that boasts a heat-treated T6 aluminium 6061 frameset and steel front forks. 

See the video from our latest SwiftyAIR outing HERE

To ensure our off-road scooter is ready to take on anything it has GMD high-performance tyres, 16 inch, 305mm double-wall rims, sealed cartridge bearings and hand laced stainless steel spokes.

adult dirt scooter, adult off road scooter, all terrain scooter for adults

  1. Is a scooter good for commuting?

Scooters are a great asset when commuting and are the perfect ‘last mile solution’. You can travel much quicker than walking, aren’t dictated by traffic and can embrace a low impact and fun way to travel! Commuter scooters are also easily foldable so can be taken onto public transport.

The benefits of getting active in your working day can’t be understated. Beyond physical improvements, the mental health benefits of exercise are plentiful too. Work can signify stress for a lot of people but studies have found exercise plays a considerable role in ‘reducing anxiety, depression and negative mood as well as improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Exercise has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal. Switching to an active commute could lead to more benefits than you may expect.

For short commutes a scooter allows you to get to and from work in the open air while avoiding any traffic jams. If you live too far to scoot the whole way to work, then a scooter can still be a great asset on your journey. Scooters are an ideal ‘last mile’ solution. Scoot to the bus, fold up, then when you get to your stop simply unfold and scoot to your destination. Scooting is considerably faster than walking (more on that later) so you can cut out time on your commute even if most of it is done on public transport!

Should we be parking outside the city and scoot the rest of the way in? We explore if combining EVs and scooters is the future of urban mobility

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  1.   Is there a weight limit for scooters?

All scooters will have a weight limit and what it is varies greatly between makes and models. When considering adult scooters checking the max load is important. All Swifty’s adult scooter models have a max load of 150kgs (330lbs) so are suitable for the majority of riders.

This is a particularly important question to address as some of the top searches regarding adult scooters are ‘kick scooters for heavy adults’ or ‘scooters for adults over 100kg’. It’s important when buying your scooter to check that it can accommodate you before you invest in it, as you don’t want to waste your money!

Learn more about our Swifty TALL scooters, designed for taller and heavier adults

If you’re looking for an off-road scooter to take on some downhill trails, it’s worth considering the force that will be put on your scooter when landing over jumps too.

A lot of heavier people have turned to scooting as a way to help them lose weight as it’s a very accessible way to get active. If you’re heavy, then running can be too much on your joints and cycling can be an uncomfortable way to get active. As scooting is a low impact on joints but high impact cardio you’ll be feeling the benefits from your first scoot, no matter how small!

As former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub found when trying out a Bird sharing scooter, not all scooters are meant for larger individuals...

  1. What are the benefits of riding a scooter?

Benefits of riding kick scooters include; travelling faster than walking and running, cutting out time on your commute, it’s safer than cycling. It’s also a full-body exercise that’s accessible to many, you can take your scooter indoors with you and most of all it’s a fun way to travel!

We discuss the benefits of kick scooting extensively in our blog but the recent climate has made us appreciate them in a brand new light. The worldwide situation has made it clear that scooters and bikes are one of the safest ways to travel because you’re completely in control of your journey. Unlike bikes, kick scooters are able to go on the pavements (check your local legislation) so you can easily adjust your journey to avoid any crowded areas. You’re also in control of your own contact points.

Looking to get active but running isn't for you? Maybe a kick scooter is what you're looking for – Learn More

Buying a scooter brings the same cost benefits as getting a bike too! You can travel without needing to pay for petrol, you don’t rely on getting tickets for public transport and it’s a lot cheaper to get a replacement part for a scooter compared to your car.

Scooting allows you to explore the areas around you easily and is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family! Read more about our family scoot around Ladybower Reservoir.

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  1. Is riding a scooter good exercise?

Riding a scooter is a brilliant low impact form of exercise. It’s a great way to do cardio that can be adapted to your ability. It’s more of a full-body exercise than cycling and targets key muscles like the soleus and glutes, that few other sport targets specifically.

Not to mention that it’s a whole lot of fun! As mentioned earlier, scooting is considerably faster than running and as it has a low impact on joints it broadens how far you can travel, even if you’re only heading out for 15/20 minutes.

Scooting is an entirely variable type of exercise too if you’re not confident or first looking to build your stamina then you can travel slowly taking regular breaks and still feel the benefits. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an intense workout scooting can offer a great HIIT workout too, it’s adaptable to your needs!

As we have discussed earlier, scooting is an activity that can be embraced by a much wider variety of people to other sports. Meaning a lot of the public can make the most of this unique and enjoyable way of getting active while getting some cardio.

scooter for adults, best adult scooters, scooters with big wheels

  1. Is a scooter faster than walking?

The average speed of a kick scooter is around 7mph, whereas the average walking speed is roughly 3mph and typical running speed is around 5mph. So riding a scooter is considerably faster than both walking and running, and as it’s a low impact movement too you can go further, faster.

Is scooter faster than walking, adult kick scooter, big wheel scooter for adults

With this in mind, it takes roughly 8:30mins to travel a mile if you’re reasonably fit, and in half an hour you could travel around 3.5 miles or 5.6km! It’s slower than a bike so if you’re looking for a way to go long distances fast it might not be what you’re looking for but it’s certainly a lot faster than walking!

Swifty’s 16-inch pneumatic wheels’ mean once you’re up to speed it’s easier to maintain for longer too. We have had a number of long-distance journeys done on a Swifty – like Dave’s Scoot Japan, Russels Lands’ End to John o' Groats and super gran Dinah tackling 500mile journey.

  1. Can you kick an electric scooter?

You are able to kick electric scooters if they have a brushless motor. Most e-scooters don’t have this motor however and are only able to move from using the throttle. However, Swifty’s Electric scooters use a brushless motor meaning you can combine kicking and electric power to move!

This means you get the best of both scooting worlds, you can embrace the benefits of active travel but if you get tired help yourself along with the motor before pushing manually again. Maybe you want to push most of the way but have a steep hill on our route, then the e-motor can help give you that needed boost to get up and over without burning yourself out!

The standard sharing scooters you see in cities across the world are not able to be kick powered. In fact, their design as a sharing scooter restricts this from being a possibility. Design aspects like the large batteries add considerable weight to the frame and mean the footplate is a considerable distance off the ground, so not many people would be able to do this anyway.

adult electric scooter, adult e-scooters, kick electric scooter

Do you have any other top questions about scooters you’d like answering?

Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll do a part 2!


  • Is a scooter good for older woman with arthritis to get around when walking bothers lower back?

    Lin Buckler on

  • I bought the oxelo town 7xl and didnt relize till i got it home … it says it is only to be used occasionally 🤯 and no further the 2km . Id be fit enough and defo want to use it now iv paid for it . Also my job is 5km away … i csnt find answers as to why they are saying this … any ideas please? Thank you 😊

    Jennifer on

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